#CalExit – A Proposition Threatening to Succeed

By Tino Hernandez and Antonio Nunez

California has made a proposition to leave the country. Not literally, but many of its citizens are dismayed due to the fact that Donald Trump is now the US’s newest president-elect. This makes sense because the vast majority of Californians are Democratic. This has caused great confusion and discomfort to the residents of California for the country is now being divided politically.

After Donald Trump was elected president a couple weeks ago, many people have decided to protest against this decision and have therefore given birth to a various number of propositions. The propositions would allow big states like New York, Texas, and California to be separated from the United States of America and be considered countries.

Out of all the states willing to leave the country, it is no surprise that the CalExit proposition is the strongest contender to succeed with its intentions. California is one of the most democratic states in the country and is, in its majority, completely against the result of the 2016 election.

Being a solid “blue” state has given California a huge motivation to proceed with this attempt to leave the country and become one of its own, despite everything being said the real question is will this goal be accomplished? The answer is still vaguely seen, as the possibilities of its success and failure are still pretty evenly debated.

Regardless of only being a state, California has been recently placed at the 6th position in the World’s Economic Rank, putting them above economic powers such as France, Italy, and Brazil, and also causing the CalExit proposition to gain more momentum.

We decided to get the opinion of a fellow Californian named Daniel Castaneda. He told us that “Leaving the country would not be a bad idea, we definitely have the money and potential to make this happen.” Although many may disagree with him, he is not at all wrong.

Many feel that the CalExit proposition is a really bad idea because it could not only divide the country more than it already is but it will also cause economic problems for the U.S. California is a tourist magnet due to its various attractions and its departure from the country would mean the loss of huge and highly recognized “monuments” such as Disneyland and the Golden Gate Bridge, which would without a doubt be a huge blow to the American economy.

Although this concept has not made much progress yet, the residents of California are persistent to see it become a reality, their protests show no signs of stopping and the proposition seems to be slowly gaining more power and supporters overtime.

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