Six Months

By Camille Yost

Sitting on the curb of an abandoned parking lot was a beautiful woman in a white sundress. Her short brunette curls stopped right at her collarbone and her beautiful pink cheeks were covered with mascara filled tears.

“Excuse me miss, are you alright?” a man asked as he carefully approached the woman. “What’s your name? Are you waiting here for someone?” He waited for her to reply and when she didn’t even bother to look up at him, he spent the time of silence to examine her. He noticed how stunningly beautiful she was and then he noticed a necklace that she was grasping tightly in her dainty hands.

Suddenly, she stopped crying and looked up at him with her big, light brown eyes and she spoke. “You’re a stranger, please go away.”

“My name is Nate Parker, I’m twenty-six, and I write for a living,” he stated. “Now I’m not so much of a stranger.”

The woman stared at him, examining him. He looked like a decent guy and he was maybe a little over six feet tall, blonde hair, and the prettiest blue eyes the woman had ever seen.

“I’m Arabella, I’m twenty-four, and I’m in accounting,” Arabella replied as she looked back down at her necklace.

“That’s a pretty name. It suits you.” He smiled. He walked closer to her and sat down on the curb next to her. She started to shift uncomfortably. “Don’t worry, we’re not strangers anymore, remember?” He paused and examined the necklace. “Did your boyfriend give that to you?” he questioned.

“My fiance gave it to me,” Arabella replied as she wiped away her tears.

“Is he still your fiance? I don’t mean to pry,” he reassured her.

“Um, no he isn’t. He, uh, he was murdered six months ago,” she stammered. “His name was Alex.”

“I’m really sorry.” he said. “Did they ever catch the guy who did it?” he inquired.

“No, I’m afraid not. I remember everything. I found him downstairs in a pool of blood. When I came down, he was still alive and he grabbed my hand. His blood was all over me and I was wearing a dress just like this one. The detectives accused me of doing the murder,” she sobbed.

“Hey, don’t cry, please? Will you go somewhere with me?” Nate pleaded.

Nate led Arabella to a children’s playground. It was deserted, but had a beautiful view of the sunset. They talked for hours and met up at that exact spot every single day for six months.

“I know a year has passed since your former fiance passed away, but ever since the day I saw you sitting on that curb in that white sundress, I knew that you’d be someone important in my life,” he said. “Will you marry me?”  He had gotten on one knee and pulled out a ring.

“Okay, um, I just need to think about this for a minute if that’s okay,” she said under her breath.

“Yeah of course, take your time,” he said.

Arabella started to pace back and forth, unsure of what to say to Nate. “My answer is yes.” She smiled.

The two of them planned their wedding over the course of the next few months. The dress, the cake, the food, and the guest list was ready to go. They planned to have a band to play and they planned their honeymoon. Nate knew it would be perfect.

Six months later, Arabella found herself on the curb once again, crying in the white sundress.

“Are you alright?” a man inquired.

“No, my fiance was murdered,” she sobbed.

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