Italy Shakes with Fear

By Antonio Nuñez and Tino Hernandez 

In recent days, the entire European continent was shook with massive earthquakes and its aftershocks, there are no signs that these natural disasters will ever end. The most affected from this situation has been Italy, after a huge 6.6 earthquake has killed over 200 residents and left many more injured and homeless.

This devastating event has weakened all of Italy but especially the city of Rome. Rome has been considered the heart of the country and it holds some of their greatest memories, having witnessed the Italians’ greatest wins and saddest defeats, this city is recognized as a national treasure. Not only is the city itself considered a beauty, but also its incredible monument, known as the Colosseum, that has been located in Rome for many years.

This monument has been cataloged as one of the seven wonders of the world and is recognized as a national symbol. Despite of all its beauty and recognition this iconic stage is currently on wobbly legs and in danger of collapsing. After it was struck with several blows, including the huge 6.6 earthquake along with its 4.1 – 5.5 magnitude aftershocks, the chances of it standing in the near future is quite low.

All of Italy was shook, not only because of the massive earthquake but also of fear that their remarkable monument is in huge danger of collapsing and a fear that their national treasure may no longer exist as well. The situation does not seem to be getting any better for the Italians at the moment, but we hope to see that great country back up on its feet and running again just like their historical Colosseum.

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