Tillers Varsity Water Polo Wiped Out

By Camille Yost and Kimberly Ayon

Despite a painful loss, the Varsity Boys’ Water Polo team ended the year strong with their “best game of the season”, according to Jonathan Diaz. The game went into double overtime and ended with a score of four to five. Tustin High’s Varsity Boy’s Water Polo finished off with a ratio of five to nine wins in their home games.

In the first quarter of the game, goalie, Kade Adams impressively blocked Western’s first attempt to score, allowing Tustin to get the ball back, which led to Tustin’s first goal of the game. Western answered back with a goal, tying it up at the end of the first quarter.  Several players, such as Zachary Apperson, Aidan Caporicci, Christian Fernandez, and Tyler Bagnol, attempted to score throughout the game, but to no avail. As the fourth quarter approached, the score was tied up three to three, leading to double overtime. Christian Fernandez scored in the fifth quarter making the score four to three. The sixth quarter approached and Western scored, tying up the game once again. The score stayed at four to four until the last minute of the game where Western scored, earning them the win.file_001

When asked what he thought about their last home game of the season, team member Jonathan Diaz stated, “The only regret I have was the mentality of us. I came in here with some doubts, but I thought this could be our game. It was a good game and this was the best one yet.” We also asked him what he’ll be doing to prepare for next season, to which he replied, “I usually have a lot of speed and the upcoming swim season will help me get faster. Weight lifting will also increase my strength and my shot.”

Sophomore Tyler Bagnol confessed, “I don’t have many regrets, I feel like I played my best today and worked hard the whole game. The season is where teams are built, and off season is where athletes are built. I’m going to focus on my individual skills and overall conditioning.” When asked what he believed was their best game of the season, Bagnol replied, “This last game was the best of our season. We had six quarters of both teams trying our hardest to score. We may not have won this game, but it was the best match we’ve had so far.”

This last game was definitely their best match with both teams pushing their hardest to take the winning point. According to many of the team members, including the ones interviewed, this last game was their best match and they were very pleased with how they played.

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