Dino Dash 2k16

By James Cruz and Edwin Contreras

Orange County holds its 26th annual marathon on Sunday, November 6: Dino Dash. The Tustin Unified School District “envisions a great education for every student in the Tustin Unified School District (TUSD)”since 1989. Dino Dash is the exciting and anticipated fun run of the year. Dino Dash offers for families from all over the OC to join and support local schools and the community. Since the start of the organization Dino Dash has donated over 3 million dollars to enhance education in the Tustin Unified School District.

Beginning at 6 AM on November 6, the organization offers a range of organized runs for different levels of runners. From timed 5k runs to 15k bike tours, children and adults from all ages can get excited to get involved with the once a year Dino Dash. Both novice and experienced runners are more than welcome to join.

Dino Dash takes place near the Tustin Auto Center, in the Tustin Marketplace. A variety of food is offered  by the means of food tents and activities take place apart from the runs. Restaurants such as Wiki Shave Ice, The Corner Bakery, and Islands Burger are proud sponsors for Tustin Unified and participate in every Dino Dash.

The 26th annual Dino Dash is one of the most exciting fundraisers to support a local non profit  organization. Make sure to eat a solid breakfast and grab your Dino T-shirts from  Dicks Sporting Goods. For more information visit the Tustin Unified School District website and check out the direct link to Dino Dash info.

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