Samsung “Blows” Away the Competition

By Antonio Nuñez and Tino Hernandez

The Samsung company has been the center of attention the past few months due to their most recent product, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Reportedly, this mobile device is dangerous and deadly. The new line of phones have supposedly been catching on fire and in extreme cases, blowing up. Approximately 60% of the 2.5 million Samsung Galaxy Note’s sold have appeared to have this problem causing various stores to immediately stop all of their sales and promotions. In response to this situation, the Samsung company approved the product’s discontinuation and offered to trade any Galaxy Note 7 for a different Samsung smartphone along with a $25 gift card. This isn’t the first time the South Korean company has faced problems like this. In September, a Galaxy Core exploded in the hands of a six year old boy, inflicting severe burns.

Not only have Samsung’s phone’s been labeled as “explosive”, but this reputation exists with some other products as well, such as their washing machines.  Earlier this year in the US, it was reported that Samsung consumers were dealing with washing machines that blew up while they were in use. Luckily, no one was injured, but the problem is still relevant.

There are billions of Samsung users around the world that have become wary or skeptical of their devices after these incidents. College freshman and Samsung user, Mercedes Mejia, gave her perspective on the subject, “After I heard about these incidents involving Samsung devices, I decided to make the switch to Apple and got myself an iPhone. I did this for the safety of myself and of my family. My baby sister would use my phone a lot to watch videos and after a few minutes I would notice how much the phone would overheat.” Despite Apple having its own issues in the past, many Samsung users are making the the switch to the iPhone.

Samsung’s long anticipated Galaxy Note 7 has backfired—literally, and has made the company lose millions of dollars and along with this capital loss, comes a vast number of injured customers.

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