Changing Your Attitudes Since 1956

By Emily Crowl

“We are the people our parents warned us about.” Jimmy Buffett fans, I raise my glass of Martinelli’s to you. It was definitely “5 O’Clock Somewhere” as fans took a trip down to “Margaritaville” and partied Saturday night at the last real concert at Irvine Meadows.


All the hype leading up to this concert willed my “Parrothead” parents to splurge on tropical decorations and food for our obligatory tailgate party. We had “fins to the left” and “fins to the right”, grass skirts, blow up parrots, virgin margaritas in coconut shells, and the ever-classic “Cheeseburger in [our own little] Paradise”. As for ourselves, we were adorned with shells and leis and typical island-y wear.

As we entered the whimsically decorated stage, the faux “Changes in Latitude, Change[d our] Attitudes”. The party vibe was rampant with the entire crowd singing along Jimmy’s Keys-inspired music. Hit songs such as “Fins” got the entire crowd up and dancing as if they were sharks looking for their bait. Jimmy slowed the crowd down towards the end of the set with songs such as “A Pirate Looks at 40,” which moved couples to draw close and reminisce on their years, and “Hula Girl At Heart” sung in dedication of his friend who died this year.


“I Don’t Know” about anyone else, but the way Jimmy concluded the concert truly sums up the character of the music icon—just a regular guy who wants to have fun. After his finishing song, Jimmy walked off stage, leaving the crowd thirsting for more. After a few moments of insistent clapping and cheering, the man himself paraded back on his stage with his “show ponies” behind him. The group went on to perform not one, but three more songs for the ever-energetic crowd. Jimmy reminded us that “We Are the People Our Parents Warned Us About” and thanked California for a great turn-out. The “Son of A Sailor” made his last exit off the stage and left us partying and cheering in “Margaritaville”.

I left the concert feeling giddy and exuberant, filled with dreams of sunny beaches and warm breezes of the Keys and Caribbean. Two days later, I’m still celebrating in what is known as the last concert of Irvine Meadows. The generation gap between the parrotheads and the millennials is notable, but after that night I feel that Jimmy Buffett’s music can and does transcend time. The youth of today seek out unique music styles that speak to them and that is exactly what the original JB offers. Thank you Jimmy, “Take It Easy”.


Jimmy Buffett’s website found here.


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