Here’s to All the People

By Eileen Obregon


Here’s to all the people,

Who’ve inspired me in some way.


This is just a small thank you,

For the words they won’t hear me say.


Here’s to the kind strangers

That act purely with their heart.


Here’s to the the talented musicians,

Who turn their music into an art


Here’s to the single mothers –

Who stayed strong when Daddy left.


The moms who worked three jobs,

While their children slept.


Here’s to those who struggle –

More than most of us will know.


Here’s to my first and only love,

Who had me at hello.


Here’s to all the soldiers,

Who have given up their lives –

And to the ones still fighting,

Fighting day and night.


Here’s to all of the children,

Who lost their parents young.


Here’s to all of the parents,

Who’ve lost a daughter or a son.


Here’s to all the people,

Who weren’t told of their potential.


Here’s to all the great leaders –

Who are so positively influential.


Here’s to the people locked up –

Who were falsely accused.


Here’s to the men and women –

Who grew up being abused.


Here’s to all the children,

Just wishing they could go back home.


To the kids with parents who travel –

And had to grow up on their own.


Here’s to all the teachers –

Who still teach despite the pay.


Here’s to all the heroes –

Who gave their lives away.


Here’s to all the children –

Who were robbed of a childhood.


Here’s to people stereotyped,

When they’re often misunderstood.


Here’s to the people fighting an illness –

And the ones who didn’t survive.


Here’s to all the firefighters –

Who never made it out alive.


Here’s to the police officers –

Who died in the line of fire.


And for the people I didn’t mention,

You’re still people that I admire.


Thank you for helping me

Appreciate life in a whole new way.


And thank you so damn much,

You’ve inspired me everyday.

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