Be Tough, Don’t Puff

By Ben Rodriguez and Alena Tran


Marijuana use has relatively decreased among high school students in the last five years. However, the nonchalant attitudes towards marijuana have become more prevalent. There is a contrast between how older generations discussed drug use to this generation now. Teenagers don’t seem to think it’s a big deal anymore—after all, no one dies from smoking a blunt.

But are the consequences really worth it? Despite marijuana being illegal, long term use has also been proven to damage cognitive responses and sensory abilities. Furthermore, despite what you think about weed “relaxing” you, it can also accelerate or make you more prone to depression. Marijuana has also been linked to asthma and other related illnesses. Not to mention, the social consequences: Being caught merely having the drug can result in expulsion and a blemished record that’ll limit you from opportunities in the future.

So, why are teenagers still willing to risk it? We went ahead and gathered some answers. One high school student professed, “I was honestly just bored, it was accessible, so I was like, why not?” Another was prompted by a mixture of peer pressure and curiosity, saying “My friends started to do it ,and I was just like can I try? So I did it and it was the worst decision of my life”.

Obviously, some people regret it, others don’t. But do you really want to potentially hurt your future just to try something that everyone else is doing? Instead of giving into temptation or curiosity, here are some suggestions of what to do instead:

  1. Join a Club: By busying yourself with other tasks, you’ll be occupied with other tasks, lessening the likeliness of succumbing to the temptation.
  2. Be Active: Especially if you’re part of a school sport, drugs are a major violation. Consider how your coaches and teachers will feel.
  3. Surround Yourself with Good Influences: With a good supporting cast, you can rid yourself of any bad influences that would be potentially harmful. Plus, with good friends you can find alternatives and have “clean” fun.
  4. Donate to Charity: Pot can be expensive, you’d be burning away your money. It would benefit both you and those in need if you donated to a great cause. Such as, the fight against cancer, or to your local children’s hospital.
  5. Help Your Parents: If you did something considerate, such as clean the house, you’d be killing time and make your parents happy. Especially if they work, they’re probably exhausted, and you can take the burden off them.

In the end, it’s all up to you. Some teachers and elders will reiterate it all the time, but they can’t stop you if you’ve already decided. But consider that, whether it feels like it or not, the decisions you make end up molding who you are.

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