Author Profile-R.L.Stine

By: Karimar Gatica

R.L. Stine, more formally known as Robert Lawrence Stine, born 1943 in Columbus, Ohio is a successful writer who graduated from Ohio State University in 1965. Since doing so, Mr. Stine has made many feats in the field of writing . From the publishing of his first humor magazine Bananas to The Goosebumps series, R.L Stine has come a long way to become the victorious author he is.

Shortly after Stine graduated, he traveled to New York and  began a magazine known as Bananas in 1978 and kept it going for 10 years. It was also at this time his name as a novelist was “Jovial Bob Stine,” under which he created amusing works like 101 Vacation Jokes and The Sick of Being Sick Book. Now fast forward a few years to 1986, the year in which R.L Stine composed Blind Date, his first teen horror novel. The novel was soon published and immediately a best-seller. R.L Stine later scripted about one hundred Fear Street books leading to the first series published in 1989, known as Fear Street Series.  

A mere three years later in 1992, Stine dropped his now-famed Goosebumps series which became a worldwide hit as soon as published. To this day, the Goosebumps series, consisting of 62 books, remains popular all across the world, making faces drop as pages are turned. R.L Stine has accomplished goals left and “write” as a renown author, appearing on both the New York Times Best-Seller list for children and the USA Today Best-Seller list for his Goosebumps works. That’s not to mention the movie adaptations that have become a recent success among young audiences, making his beloved words come to life.  When it’s all added up, R.L. Stine truly shines as a force to reckoned with in humor-horror literature, making it no wonder why his works are still cherished to this day, after that first Bananas release so many years ago.

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