Tustin Tiller Homecoming Spirit Week

By Eileen Obregon and Nayeli Medina


Spirit Week

Monday: PJ Day

Tuesday: Toddler Day

Wednesday: Jersey Day

Thursday: Superhero Day

Friday: Decade Day

Homecoming is slowly creeping up, meaning it is time to show your Tiller Spirit! On October 10 through the 14th, we have themed days to be creative, different, and have fun with it.

We begin the week with PJ day, in which you wear clothes that you might have slept in, saving you about 10 minutes of your morning. Get comfortable with your outfit, wear your slippers, leave your a hair a mess, bring a blanket, basically bring anything that you will be cozied up in. Tuesday’s Toddler Day, wear anything you weared as a child, of course if they fit, wear overalls, onesies, have your hair in pigtails. Think of Michelle Tanner on Full House, wear that tutu or those suspenders, be cute and adorable, as if your own mother or grandma dressed you. Wednesday is Jersey day, wear your favorite sports team jersey, could be Tiller Football, College Football, or NFL Football. Wear your sports colors, give pride in your team, no matter what sport it is, show Tiller Students you got team spirit. Thursday is Superhero Day,  you wear a superhero costume, whether it be your favorite DC or Marvel Hero or a policeman, firefighter, etc.

We have decided to emphasize on Friday, which is decade day, meaning students dress up in different decades, depending on their grade level. Seniors dress up for the 90s, Juniors for the 80s, Sophomores for the 70s and Freshmen will be the 60s. If you do not know what to wear for Friday, we have suggestions for each grade level based on TV shows, movies, artists, and important celebrities of that time.



Show Reference: Saved By the Bell/ Fresh Prince

A good way to sum up the 90s is the continuation of high waisted shorts and lots of colorful and intricate patterns. People were not afraid to show off their creative side with their clothes, however, their hair was no exception. Exaggerated hairstyles with exaggerated colors and patterns is the way to go. The seniors are the last kids from the 20th century, therefore, they have to cherish this opportunity as much as possible, since from now on the remaining kids in school will be 21st century babies.


Show Reference: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and The Breakfast Club

The fashion in the 80s mostly consisted of high waisted pants/shorts/skirts/etc. , with very dull colors. Patterns continue to be an essential part of the the 80s style, along with a little mismatching to make the outfit pop. The youth was a super important part of the fashion in the 80s with movies, for example, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and the Breakfast Club. These movies showed the importance of the spirit of the youth and the value of taking advantage of childhood while we still have it.


Reference: That 70s Show, Farrah Fawcett, Stevie Nicks

Flower Power is the ultimate way of presenting the 70s for anybody. The fight for peace continued as the war in vietnam carried on. The fashion in 70s is basically wearing bellbottom pants, highwaisted pants, loose cut tops. They used their clothes to be rebellious, instead of being stiff, conservative style. They were looking for a more loose liberating liberal direction.


Reference: Audrey Hepburn, Rolling Stones, The Supremes

Every 1960s fashion icon contributed their own signature style to the decade. It was the era of the girl group. Many fashion traditions were broken, mirroring the momentous social and political changes of the decade. It was the era where no skirt was too short, and no beehive was too high. Today, thanks to this era, dresses can go back to having geometric prints and boxy outfits.

Now that we have provided you a plethora of options for Friday’s spirit week, we hope to be able to identify the different decades on every person at school. Spirit week allows you to dress up whichever way you would like without being judged, so go crazy! Happy spiriting!

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