The Kaine-Pence Show

By Ivette Barajas and Karimar Gatica

The first vice Presidential debate took place this past Sunday, October 4, at Longwood University in Virginia. This debate scored some major points for Republican nominee Donald Trump. In contrast to Trump’s performance at the first presidential debate, Mike Pence was able to remain calm and collective, impressing much of the viewers. Clinton’s running mate, Tim Kaine, wasted no time in striking Trump and his campaign. The two candidates took turns giving their stance on subjects ranging from Roe vs Wade, religion, immigration reform, etc. America was quick to react on social media.

One detail to focus on is the character both candidates showed during the debate. According to many sources, it is said that Tim Kaine interrupted Mike Pence a whopping 72 times. Although Kaine and Hillary Clinton are two separate individuals, people can be swayed by the demeanor of their running mates.

Every debate ends with one question: who won? Without even taking sides, it is clear that Tim Kaine had a subpar performance. However, it’s not to say Mike Pence is the winner. While Pence spent most of the debate introducing himself and supporting Mr. Trump, Kaine used every opportunity to throw jabs. At one point, Kaine called Donald Trump out for his notorious comment on illegal immigrants, to which Pence retaliated with “…well since you whipped out ‘that Mexican thing’…”, which sparked much of the controversy after the debate’s conclusion. Statistics show 48% of viewers that tuned in thought Pence won, while 42% believe Kaine won. It all wires down to opinion.


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