Metal Mouth

By Antonio Nunez and Cristobal Segura

As many students at Tustin High know, there are a lot of kids with braces. Braces can be a huge struggle in a child’s life, and may lead to either positive or negative implications.

One of the biggest influences braces have on an individual’s life is their eating habits. We discussed this issues amongst ourselves and we came to the conclusion that “In [our] opinion braces are very uncomfortable and they keep [us] from enjoying [our] favorite foods, but [overall] their usage is a huge benefit and can help in various ways”. It’s true braces are a pain to have when they keep you from eating particular foods, but in the end, after two to five years, the braces come off and you end up looking like a whole new person. Straight teeth indeed, lead to a happier, healthier smile.

We decided to get the opinion of a former “brace-face” and Inglewood High School student Daniel Castaneda. He commented that “[b]races can be very annoying, I got them in 7th grade and they were removed in my sophomore year of high school. I wasn’t allowed to enjoy the foods I liked but braces really helped me out a lot.” He elaborated on the benefits of braces: “Braces helped accomplish my dream of playing in the school’s varsity soccer team, I used to be a really chubby kid until I got braces. They truly helped me lose a lot of weight”. Again, braces were a pain short-term, but long term, they helped him dramatically.

With that being said, we strongly believe that the braces are a huge plus in the long run due to its many benefits. Although they may be uncomfortable at first they have proven to be an enormous help with not only fixing your teeth but also changing your appearance and improving your confidence after they are removed.  


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