Kim Kardashing Away from a Close Call with Jewel Thieves

By Adrian Ruiz and Vanessa Villegas

From breaking the internet to modeling for Playboy the most famous Kardashian, Kim was robbed in Paris, France at gunpoint for 10 million dollars worth of jewelry. She was attending Fashion Week as she encountered a group of “police men” who then revealed themselves as robbers. The robbery could have been easily avoided if Kim had not been using social media. She posted a picture of the multi million dollar ring the famous rap star and husband, Kanye West had bought her, making her an easy target.

To most, Kim Kardashian is disliked, since she is considered “famous for not doing anything,” however, that doesn’t justify mocking the multi millionaire Kim Kardashian. She has 2 children and a famous husband, Kanye West who had to cut his concert short because of the heist. Kim Kardashian has a net worth of 148 million and as a couple they are both worth 214 million. She has millions of followers on her social media accounts. These accounts reveal her location and makes her a more vulnerable target. Not only does social media reveal her location but Kanye also knows her whereabouts.

Some are accusing Kanye West of robbing the young super star of her millions because she has a net worth 2.5 times bigger than he does. Famous Kanye West is also in debt of 53 million dollars raising suspicion on who might have actually robbed the famous Kim Kardashian. There is no physical evidence of who actually committed the crime. All we can rely on is Kim Kardashian’s perspective of what happened. 

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