Teacher Profile: Mr. Maldonado

By Johnathon Froman

Recently at Tustin High, we’ve had a great deal of new teachers rushing in to handle our ever-increasing student body. One certain new addition to the history and AVID departments goes by the name of Max Maldonado. In his first year of full-time teaching, Mr. Maldonado guides his students through his US History and AVID classes with the goal of teaching students important skills like reading and comprehension as well as basic life skills to “help students be nice people”.

Mr. Maldonado claimed he wanted to teach because he “loves working with kids and history”. It would also come as no surprise he chose Tustin High as his school of choice since, as it turns out, he is a Tustin High graduate. The new history teacher went on to describe his later education before his return to Tustin.

Mr. Maldonado first received his Bachelor’s degree in Political Science at Cal State University of Fullerton. At Chapman University, he earned his Master’s degree and his teacher’s credentials.maxresdefault

Before he worked at Tustin High as a full-time teacher, Mr. Maldonado first had to spend a year as a student-teacher. As one, he assisted Mr. Martyn and Mr. Lee from the history department and Ms. Lane from the AVID department.

Now that the school year is in full swing and entering its second month, Mr. Maldonado has definitely settled in well with his peers and students. Hopefully, fellow teachers and returning Tustin High alumni will see Mr. Maldonado teaching his classroom, which currently is Room 325, at this school for many years to come.

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