Prancin’ in the Streets

By: Galilea Oregon, Gigi Hume, and Adrian Ruiz

Fashion Week has come around once again, this year, however instead of focusing on looks featured on the runway, we take inspiration from the streets (like the cool kids do.)

Away from the catwalk scene, a barrage of slip dresses over band and skating t-shirts, oversized collared button-ups, ruffled trimmings, Bardot tops, cropped flare pants, sneakers, ripped jeans, bold prints, and perspex heels have been taking over the pavements of New York, Milan, London and Paris alike. These trends have been blowing up and 3,000+ miles away from it all, us OC kids are taking notice. Below are some looks curated by our very own Tillers putting a spin on the trends of Fashion Week.


Junior Paul Pastrana, THS Alumni Diego Vasquez, and Junior Adrian Ruiz

New York: Sneakers made a debut last year, and it appears that they are here to stay. However this year, instead of Adidas Superstars and Nike Air Force Ones, it is the new toe cap shoe trend that have taken on the streets this New York Fashion Week. Originally a tennis shoe, toe cap sneakers have reappeared for increased durability in skateboarding, and now they make a statement on the streets of New York. Another trend that appears to be here to stay is the “normcore-meets-90s angst-filled skater boy” aesthetic. Cuffed, frayed, or ripped jeans have made a comeback, as well as mom, boyfriend, and flared jeans, bidding goodbye to the weird shimmy dance we all do in skinny jeans. Another widely seen staple item on the streets of New York during Fashion Week was windbreaker and bomber jackets. These oversized and relaxed fitting jackets have brought a cool new twist to outerwear.


Sophomores Zoey Beckwith and Galilea Oregon

London:  Meanwhile, over in London, people have been stepping out and let’s just say they are really making a statement. London Fashion Week is known for its “no-rules” approach and this definitely doesn’t exclude street style. Bright colors, baggy coats and pants, and novelty prints have been running amok the famed Brewer Street, among others. But that’s not the only way London street walkers are making a statement. Graphic tees displaying phrases as bold as the bright colors emblazoned on have been surfacing everywhere–on the backs of leather jackets, the fronts of sweaters, and smack dab in the center of cropped tees. In the midst of all these eye-catching fads, London still maintains some of their timeless trends that have been in a staple in the city for years. Trenchcoats, turtlenecks, and collared shirts are still making waves and are in a way a subtle counteraction to the striking new trends popping up along the pavements.


Sophomores Galilea Oregon and Mackenzie Sotelo

Milan: As for the Italian fashion capital, juxtaposition between bold prints and graphics as well as contrasting cuts and hems were big hits on the streets. On Reebok sweatshirts, Marco de Vicenzo formal wear, on Valentino dresses, you name it, it’s all patterned and all head-turners. Oversized coats were also seen on the streets of Milan, but unlike the baggy-ness of London, Milan kept its outerwear with very structural and architectural cuts, a definite homage to fine Italian tailoring.


Paris: Picture this, you’re sitting grassy knoll on the French countryside–everything is good, everything is simple. Now translate this very feeling over to Paris Fashion Week. Most of the trends this season were very centered around the idea of minimalism and simplicity. Pieces like loose trousers, boxy jackets, and gingham, lots and lots of gingham, were serious standouts this year on the streets of the City of Love.

Each of these cultural meccas shed light upon different fashion crazes thanks to the sidewalk struts of the fashionably elite, bloggers, writers, artists whom all contributed to this culture and art movement celebrated in gorgeous garments.


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