Teacher Profile: Ms. Kranz

By Anthony Zuniga

Coral Kranz is one of the many new teachers here at THS.  Ms. Kranz moved here to THS because she lives near the school and she loves the new technology.  The transition from Chino to Tustin was very easy.  The students and staff here gave a warm welcome for Ms. Kranz and she is very grateful.  Ms. Kranz’s passion for teaching science motivates her to teach every day and she wants to promote students.

Ms. Kranz is an energetic and joyful person.  She enjoys teaching here at THS and loves teaching chemistry.  Ms. Kranz enjoys spending her free time scuba diving and venturing out to find new places to eat, and if she has a little extra time, she reads.  One interesting fact about Ms. Kranz is she has broken both her arms twice.  She was snowboarding and hit a tree and bent both of them backwards.  During college the challenges she had to overcome was that she had to have majored in science and have perfect grades.  She had to work three jobs to put herself through school.

Some things Ms. Kranz regrets about being a teacher is that she has no more free time. She goes home and grades papers instead of spending time with her friends or family but she says it’s all worth it when the students get high grades and they show that they actually understand.

The favorite thing that Ms Kranz enjoys about teaching is when a student gets it and you see the light bulb come on and their eyes light up.

Coral Kranz is an amazing teacher and full of energy. She enjoys teaching here at Tustin High and doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

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