The Rivalry on El Camino Real

By Benjamin Rodriguez

On Friday, September 23 the Tillers took on the Beckman Patriots in what is known as the “El Camino Real Rivalry.” The Tillers who throttled the Patriots last year looked to do the same on this day.

The Tillers did what they do best, pounding the ball down the defenses’ throats. The Beckman defense seemed to have no response as junior wingback Kenneth Carr (#3) rushed for 337 yards and multiple touchdowns. Senior running back Zechariah Savage (#8) also joined the action rushing for 63 yards and a touchdown. The Patriots defense looked like a deer in headlights, with no idea how to stop the Tiller’s bruising offense.

The Tillers’ defense was having some trouble later on in the game stopping the Beckman passing game as Dean Nagle shredded the defense for 198 yards. However, the Tustin Team was the perfect embodiment of the saying, “bend don’t break” giving up only 17 points. The Tillers’ defense forced a couple of turnovers, including an interception by senior cornerback Lomen Tep (#4.)

The Tillers next home game is the homecoming match, October 14 against league foe Pacifica High School at Northrup Stadium at 7 PM.


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