iTHS Media – A Student Corporation

by Johnathon A. Froman

Two years ago, two teachers, Eric Zamora and Kim Robinson, created a student-run organization to fit the needs of a school lacking in media. Zamora saw “there was a need for it at this school” and stated when he and Robinson were planning, they decided that they “wanted to create an experience that simulated the real world.” After the idea took hold, several classes— Journalism, Independent Film Projects, Music Tech, and Yearbook— joined together to create iTHS Media, Tustin High’s first student-run company.

Under this brand Pitchfork TV was created by a small crew from Independant Film and the iTHS Media online magazine was published by Journalism student writers. Working together with Music Tech for background themes and soundtracks, the Pitchfork TV crew released weekly videos that were featured on the online magazine and the school website.

Unfortunately the disappointing and underwhelming crew that was assigned to the creation of Pitchfork TV produced episodes of sub-par quality that made us all drowsy when we were shown each new installment during Homeroom. Instead of meeting the high expectations staff and students alike were hoping for, the former crew decided to handle the show without inspiration or creativity.

Thankfully, Pitchfork TV is back with a new crew. Zamora is confident that this group of students will be a major improvement from last year. “There’s a passion from [these] students to make this work” he stated in regards to the new crew’s commitment in creating the new Pitchfork. Last year, Zamora revealed, that the editing, the hardest part of production, of the Pitchfork show was done entirely by him. That large burden of work has since been transferred to the new students, who gladly took responsibility. “We’re here on Friday after school, editing and working” Zamora happily claimed.

When asked about the reaction students would have, Zamora confidently believed the feedback would be overwhelmingly positive. “I want [students] to enjoy it. I’m counting on them enjoying the programs because the content is being written by students— their peers.”

To get into Independent Film Projects and work with the Pitchfork crew, you first need to go through the prerequisite class Digital Filmmaking where Zamora teaches the basic principles of the production of video production. But that might change. The number of students in Independent Film is small, around a dozen or so, but many students take Digital Film but unfortunately do not make the cut and advance because that single class can’t teach them all the skills they need in Independent Film. Because of this, and with new projects on the horizon, Zamora is thinking of developing an application process for next year if he has more people join Digital Film that might require Independent Film students to enroll in Journalism in order to learn the skills needed in his class.

Zamora ended with revealing that the old format of Pitchfork TV is due to end soon, to be replaced with an all-new “late night show” premiering this Friday on September 23rd.

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