A (Fashion) Week in Review

By: Gigi Hume and Galilea Oregon

It’s that time of year again! Fashion Week is in full-swing and delving up appearances from the fashionably elite, modeling, observing, or writing about the latest trends in  high-fashion in the cultural meccas of the world.  Specifically this week, New York Fashion Week Spring/ Summer 2017 shows have displayed new trends for the upcoming seasons, From Alexander Wang’s classic sporty-meets-relaxed silhouettes to Alice + Olivia’s intricate embroidery reminiscent to the early 70’s, New York Fashion Week has once again mesmerized with its innovative spins on the meaning of spring.

Then there were some others that stood out for the way they took the meaning of “innovative” to a whole other level.


Opening Ceremony for example, pulled a “Pageant of the People” show featuring appearances by Rowan Blanchard, Whoopi Goldberg, and Aubrey Plaza sporting the business-centered looks of a stylish and powerful CEO.  All with the hilarious commentary of Portlandia stars Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein in the background, adding some laughin’ to fashion while also making strong statements about feminism, the upcoming election, and social matters that are normally perceived as the “elephant in the room”. The whole event was staged very much like Tustin High’s own MUN conferences with the flags and attire, adding a sort of quirky, yet  relatable vibe to the show.


On a more subtle note, VFiles show hinted nuances of erasing the gender binary line. With male models in dainty veils and long silk shirts in softer “effeminate” hues. Female models sported red lipstick smears and frilly lace-collared oversized windbreakers, creating  an interesting juxtaposition between femininity and masculinity. Who knew that such soft and light elegant styles could make such a bold statement? In doing so, VFiles promoted the positive and much-discussed topic of androgyny (because boys can wear veils too :).


Another fashion show that put on a SHOW was Jeremy Scott, yet again why are we even surprised his eccentric, cartoonish shows are either a complete hit or miss. This year, models stunted bright colors and mixture of different patterns and prints that when combined in a cohesive outfit creates nothing short of an 80s-style spectacle.

Clearly, this years Fashion Week defied the bland and tasteless “florals for spring” cliché, receiving a definite nod of approval, maybe even a smile from the Devil in Prada, Miranda Priestly.


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