Genocide in Darfur – Another Op-Ed


By Hailey Symington

Guest Writer from Mrs.Zechiel’s World History Class


Genocide in Darfur

The conflict in Darfur and South Sudan should be considered a genocide. As seen in Darfur, people who lived in IDP (Internally Displaced Persons) camps were attacked, raped, and often, they were killed. The government claimed that these attacks were meant to put down insurgency, however this did not explain the rape and slaughter. The government allowed for certain racial groups to be targeted more than others and did nothing but claim ignorance to the whole ordeal.

I believe this situation should be considered genocide because violence is being carried out by a government, specific racial groups are being targeted, and the offenders are putting the blame of what is happening on rebels.

The Janjaweed is the Arab, pro-government militia that has been helping the Darfuran government attack the people. The tension between the groups originated between Arab herders and African farmers. The Arab herders allied with the Sudanese government whilst the tension with the Africans grew. Violence in refugee camps was backed by racial hatred. While government attacks were not only enacted on Africans or people of the opposing race, acts of violence were intensified when they were upon the “hated” race. 92.9% of attacks on groups of refugees reported rape and brutal murders committed by Sudanese forces. The intensity of the attacks greatly increased when upon different races. Logically, if rebel groups had been the ones attacking, as the government claimed, why would the groups be attacking the citizens instead of the government they were rebelling against? Additionally, why would the government be targeting the IDP camps to “rid themselves of rebels” when the camps were full of helpless refugees? These attacks would be pointless, unless their true goal was to exterminate certain ethnic groups.

In my opinion, the USA should not attempt to take matters into their own hands. This would only lead to them gaining enemies. However, I do believe that the UN should begin to intervene. Humanitarian aid and troops should be sent in to assist the targeted groups and an attempt to put a new government into power should be made.

In conclusion, the crisis in Darfur and South Sudan should be considered genocide. These targeted killings are being carried out by government groups and blatant lies are being told in regards to their intentions with these attacks.


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