W/E is Not Whatever


W/E Is Not Whatever

By Galilea Oregon

Surf pop band, Junkie, has recently released their first LP album titled “W/E.” It includes nine new songs, as well as three previously released singles: “glued ghouls,” “bowls,” and “whatever.” Just in time for summer, Junkie has produced the perfect jams for bonfires, romantic flings, and everything in between.

Are you crushing on the cool girl next door? Junkie’s got your back. “i like the things you say” captures the butterflies at the pit of your belly with its naive sincerity, “She’s cute I better play it cool/ I kissed her and I miss her/ She draws and I write songs/ Small hands red dress/ Her smile makes me nervous.”

Feeling frustrated or anxious? “demons” expresses those teenage blues filled with anxiety and fear of one’s internal monsters, “Oh my demons I can’t see them/ Oh my demons I can feel them/ Oh my demon the control you hold/ Oh you know the control you hold.”

Junkie captures every teenage feeling, just as a hazy sunset: a pale yellow green in the sky sandwiched between the red orange fire of the sun and the seducing blue violet of the night, a Jackson Pollock mess of the teenage mind. Purchase your copy of “W/E” here for only $4.20. Trust, this band is definitely worth it.

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