Make-Up Your Mind!


By: Ashley Faleao & Jasmine Vasquez

Prom is coming up and girls are in search of dresses and makeup for this special night. Some girls struggle to apply makeup or cannot afford to get it professionally done. For this prom 2016, we welcome back Elizabeth Jennings to help girls who attend Tustin High

Jennings is a makeup artist and a mother of eight. She began this service last year and its success lead to her return this upcoming prom. Her own kids attend Tustin High and it was them that noticed the huge amount of girls who don’t attend prom because they can’t afford the glam. She understands how much of a hassle it can be and how expensive, and she knows not all girls have that kind of money to spare. “Every girl deserves  a chance to get all dressed up and feel confident with herself,” Jennings shares.

On prom night, June 4, Elizabeth Jenning will arrive and set up in the Teacher’s Lounge from 10 am to 4 pm. The service is completely free, however space is limited,  you will have to make an appointment with Mrs. Reardon in the Attendance Office ahead of time in order to participate. This is a great opportunity that you shouldn’t miss.      


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