Restroom Rule

by Anthony Ybarra

Earlier this month, my US History class discussed the Obama Administration’s request for schools to allow any student to use the restroom they are most comfortable with. However, many Conservatives are disturbed and even disgusted by this. Which makes me wonder, why does it matter? The fact that people are so disturbed, disturbs me.

They argue that this proposal will allow “peeping Toms” access to the girl’s restroom.

Here’s the deal. If they believe that this is truly the case, then maybe Conservatives should also fear the homosexuals that are also using their respective restrooms. Wait, this doesn’t seem like a problem, now, does it? Because the only reason people use the bathroom is to use the toilet! The lies faced by trans students are giving them a scarlet letter, branding them as immoral, promiscuous people.

It’s not hard to see where Conservatives are coming from for being cautious. Furthermore, the Obama Administration warned they will cut funding for schools who choose to disregard the restroom demand. This isn’t fair, because who funds these schools? Taxpayers, of course!

But California is generally Democratic in terms of politics, making conservative Orange County somewhat an anomaly in the eyes of its neighboring counties. The people of Orange County should be accepting of trans people and not marginalizing themselves into the Orange Curtain ego they face when compared to the sociopolitical powerhouses of Los Angeles and San Francisco.

If Conservatives, specifically the ones of Orange County, still fear that this new restroom demand will increase sexual harassment, they should know that they have nothing to fear. Other states already have laws protecting trans people in place and have commented on the matter:

“[The restroom law] has not increased sexual assault,” reported Hawaii’s Human Rights Commision. Rhode Island has also made a similar remark, stating that there is “no increase in sex crimes due to [the restroom] law”.

With these facts in check, it’s safe for skeptics to know that they can rest easy, since students of public schools are safe from harm in regards to the new restroom rule.

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