Bodacious Lady Bathrooms of Tustin High

By Katelyn Merrell
Photographed by Karli Stichter

Bathroom 1 – The Convenient Bathroom:

This bathroom is located near the ceramics room and the new humanities building. This bathroom is a three stall bathroom with only two working stalls since the big bathroom stall’s latch is broken. Unfortunately, this bathroom is often quite dirty because it is one of the most frequently used bathrooms on campus. During break, the line often trails out the doors clogging the hallway. Another gamble with this particular bathroom is there is often a 50-50 chance there will be soap in the soap dispenser. If you are a loyal user who often frequents this bathroom, I would suggest carrying a hand sanitizer in your backpack. A wonderful store to buy reasonably priced hand sanitizers is Bath and Body Works. We would give this bathroom a 4/10.





The "Door Jammer" in action.
The “Door Jammer” in action.

Bathroom 2 – The Bathroom of Desperation:

This bathroom is the last hope for many female students in their attempt to not pee their pants. It is located near the Tiller Buddy Classrooms and the Plaza. Because of its extremely convenient location, many females migrate to this bathroom, making it almost impossible to use during passing periods or break, since the line is often out the door. This bathroom, like “The Convenient Bathroom,” consists of only two working stalls out of three, since, yet again, the big stall’s lock is broken. This lack of usable stalls contributes to the likelihood that you will run out of time and never get a chance to actually use the bathroom and arrive on time to class. However, through the use of mechanical engineering and ingenuity, a solution to the problem of the broken stall has been created. It is often referred to as the “door jammer,” which consists of wadded up seat covers that jam in between the crack in the door creating just enough pressure to hold the door in place. This is the type of technology that has advanced the human race over the years.

As a user of this particular bathroom, I have observed, if you look closely, you can often see girls waiting in line doing the classic “potty dance.” Right leg over left, left leg over right- it all depends on which you prefer. However, despite its flaws, this bathroom does posses some positive qualities. For example, since only two out of the three sinks work, there is always an open mirror where you can fix your hair, without fear of disrupting someone else’s hand washing process. Also, the paper towel dispenser is fully stocked and working 88% of the time. This is extremely helpful since the hand dryer works 0% of the time. We decided to rate this bathroom a 4/10.





Bathroom 3 – The Hidden Treasure:

I have attended Tustin High School for four years and I am an avid bathroom user. Over the years I have frequented over crowded restrooms full of girls doing their makeup and their business between periods. However, this year I came across a gem tucked away near the library- the hidden treasure bathroom. This hidden treasure has five working stalls, three working sinks, two working hand dispensers, and working hand dryers and towel dispensers. For the past two years this bathroom was closed, but this year it secretly reopened, cleaner and better than ever. At first, I was hesitant to share this wonderful news of its reopening, but I decided to put aside my selfish nature for the greater good of our female population here at Tustin High. We decided to rate this bathroom 7/10.




Bathroom 4 – The Closet bathroom:

The itsy bitsy bathroom is located outside the Old Gym building. The maximum body capacity for this restroom is five people – seven if they are small freshman girls under the height of 5’5. I would advise girls over the height of 5’10 to avoid using this restroom because the first two stalls are so small that your knees will touch the stall door. However, to avoid this problem you can always use the big stall, which is quite roomy. In fact, many dancers use this stall as a dressing room because its location is in close proximity to the dance room. Now if I were a member of the school board, I would invest in turning this closet restroom into an actual walk in closet. Maybe that way it would be cleaner because currently it is on the dirtier side. We would give this bathroom a 5/10.



This is where the paper towel dispenser used to be before it was removed.
This is where the paper towel dispenser used to be before it was removed.


Bathrooms 5 and 6 – The Promised Land:

If you are willing to make the long, drawn out, and treacherous trek across campus for forty days and forty nights, there is a restroom superior to all other restrooms. These restrooms exist on the the first and second floors of the science building. When you open the door the bathroom glows with cleanliness. The stalls seem endless as they stretch infinitely down the wall. At the end of the numerous line of stalls, there is a big stall, a stall superior to all other stalls. This stall has its very own sink, soap dispenser, hand dryer and mirror.


However, these bathrooms are often locked during lunch and right after school.


We would give these bathrooms a 8.5/10.




Bathroom 7 – Heaven:

In the words of Bruno Mars, “You make me feel like I’ve been locked out of heaven for too long.” Inside the doors of the sports pavilion are the cleanest, nicest, prettiest, holiest, and bestest stalls on the whole entire campus. However, unless you are a dancer, volleyball player, or basketball player, you are not allowed in the Sports Pavilion, therefore excluding you from the use of these otherworldly bathrooms. We would give these bathrooms a 10/10.

We were unable to attain pictures of these bathrooms because the doors were locked. Coincidence? I think not.

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