Spring Inspired Nails

By Linda McNeil, Sophia Garcia, and Mikaella Brown

It’s about that time, ladies! Spring is calling for a new manicure, and what better excuse to design your nails in a fun, bright, and colorful way? This is the season for a fresh start, so express your outer beauty with colors out of your comfort zone. 


Glamorous touch.

This reflective color represents the shine of the sun that’s about to come. It’s simple, but the stripes keep it classy and glamorous.


Simply sweet.

Have Coachella right at your finger tips, grab a few friends, sit on the grass, and blast your favorite indie songs with these amazing nails.



Spring Breeze

Light, simple, and cute. This is for the

“I can settle for just a color”  type of girl.

Keep in mind simple colors are always in style.


I Surf With Boys.

Why stick to pinks and purples? Make a statement with dark colors, and match California’s clear waters with this deep turquoise.


Pinky Promise.

Stay pretty in pink with your favorite pink dress and these baby pink nails.

Like a promise, it’s pure and innocent.


Pretty In Paradise.

Match your bestie and your personality with these bright neon colors, lighting up like neon lights.


Purple Snow.

If you prefer Winter over Summer, put some snow on you with these beautiful purple nails. The white ombre acts as a snowy finish. It’s like Winter never left.


Blue Trouble

Feeling crazy? Don’t really color inside the lines? Try these nails! The yin & yang look will make you stand out, matching the Spring sky.

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