How It Feels to be a Second Semester Senior

By:  Karli Stichter

It’s almost impossible to wake up every morning and drag yourself to class as a senior in the home stretch of high school. Days seem longer and you’re more tired than you have ever been in your life. You find yourself falling asleep at midnight. One o’clock. Two o’clock. The amount of homework seems endless. You either eat too much or don’t eat anything at all. You spend an extensive amount of hours at school and try to find that five extra minutes where you can nap in your car before the next activity. Your brain is fried and you have to try your best not to cry. It becomes harder and harder to read a book without crashing on your couch. TV time is non existent and if you sit down for ten minutes you’ve already wasted time. No matter how close you are to graduation, you still feel too far away. Every night you fall asleep with the question lingering in your head of how will I survive the next two months?

There’s really no answer to how to get through these last months. Every high school senior is on the same page. Stuck between wanting to finish what they started and wanting to give up on everything. Everyone hides their tiredness and overwhelmed feelings and just wakes up and does the same thing every day. Sometimes the only thing our bodies want to do is sleep forever. But an hour or two will do for now I guess. Our social lives decrease from an already limited amount of time to almost no time at all. TUSTIN HIGH CROPPEDThe way we make our friends is through the struggle of after school AP reviews and staying on Skype every night just to understand the homework due the next day. Sometimes we come home and see our moms and want to break down, but big kids don’t cry right? Sometimes we think someone else is having a better day than ourselves but in reality every single person has one thing they can’t get off their mind. One thing they hope summer will make better. One thing they hope college will make go away.

Friendships deteriorate and it becomes harder and harder to make time for people in your life. You start to realize some of the people you’ve grown up with for the last seven to thirteen years will never go to school with you again. Emotions arise and they are inevitable. You have attitude and are grumpy and take your anger out on your friends even if you don’t mean it. You’re scared for college and the next step in life. You say you won’t miss anything and tell yourself it’ll be easy to move forward but when that one good laugh with a friend comes around you know you’ll miss it. You try to make yourself grow up too fast because you don’t want to be left behind next year but at the same time you’d love to curl up on the couch and watch old Disney movies with your little brother and sister. You want to work out and stay fit but how can you do that when you have to study 24/7 to get good grades?

Your heart is in a deep place and you feel like you’re drowning. It’s hard to breath and that one night when you can maybe get 4 hours of sleep you can’t help but stare at the dark walls in your room. There may not be a reason to be sad but you just are. It seems as if the good will never overcome the bad. Holding on by a string, we wait for graduation day and where the path of life will take us. We will make it we say. We will get through it together we say. We are almost done.hsm 3

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