Surfpop Junkie: Music for the Angsty Soul

By Galilea Oregon

surfpop article Surf pop: the epitome of teenage angst packaged in slurred lyrics, banging drums and continuous guitar riffs. A mixture of garage rock and surf, surf pop is a unique genre, perfect for summer parties or just for your own personal enjoyment. Below are a few surf pop and surf rock bands that I personally enjoy, and hopefully you will too!



Junkie: San Antonio based trio Kram, Daniel, and James form the surf pop band Junkie. If you’re into heavier rock or like lyrics that make suburban parents cringe, this is your band. From softer and more lyrical songs such as “Mellow Yellow” to raw and emotional songs such as “Saw You,” Junkie is the band you jam out to when you feel like “sticking it to the man.” Check out their two two recently released singles, “Bowls” and “Whatever” which can be downloaded for free off their Bandcamp website as well as other albums, which are also free.
surf curseSurf Curse: If you like a softer rhythm with not as much clanging and banging, you’ll definitely like

Surf Curse. With a similar rhythm like that of Vampire Weekend, Surf Curse is the perfect music to play on your way to beach, or just for dancing by yourself in your room on a Saturday morning. Unlike Junkie, Surf Curse’s songs and albums must be purchased off their Bandcamp website. However, their most recent EP, “Sad Boys’ is only $5, definitely worth the cost for such great music.


ghostsGHOSTS: If you’re into pop-punk, GHOSTS is the band for you. My favorite EP from the band is “Ugly Kid.” Almost like a diary of the highschool years, GHOSTS captures young love and teenage rebellion in their songs. Just as Junkie, GHOSTS’ music is completely free and can be downloaded through their Bandcamp website.

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