How To Look Like A Festival Goddess

By Jocelyn You

Spring and summer are the times for music festivals all around the country to shine. From Coachella to Lollapalooza (and yes, even to Stagecoach), music lovers run to the gates dressed in their SUN-day’s best. To beat the heat, stay comfortable, and still┬ákill the fashion game, see what I would wear to a music festival, and see if you gain some inspiration!



Wrap-Around Tie Chokers

Get your head wrapped around festival season- it’s here. Wrap-around tie chokers are the perfect dainty piece to make an outfit more intricate and eye-catching. Tie it however you want. In a bow, hanging loose, it’s up to you.

Bold Prints

Simplicity is NOT the key to success at festivals. Make everyone turn their heads as you dance around the festival. Wear something eye-catching. Wear something bold.




Dresses fly in the wind, and that is not what you want at festivals! Rompers are the go-to substitution for dresses with the way they can resemble a dress but be safe and secure from unwanted flying clothes with the shorts/pants structure.

Floral Print

Flower crowns for Coachella? Groundbreaking. (Not!) Take those flowers and throw them onto your clothes. Floral print can never go wrong, and it’s reminiscent of summer and happiness.



Denim Skirts

Short and sweet. Denim skirts bring out the southern belle in every girl, and paired with a white top, they look like summer and feel like beauty.




Music festival makeup is iconic. Bright colors painted in patterns around the face are a must. Paint dots above your brows and onto your cheekbones for that warrior goddess look.


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