Phobophobes Beware

By Nayeli Medina and Jorge Perez

Phobias are defined as “a type of anxiety disorder.It is a strong, irrational fear of something that poses little or no real danger” by Medline Plus. Things such as heights and listening to people say long words may not seem like a big deal to many, but may cause a reaction in others. From the fear of small, eight legged insects to the fear of dark nothingness that maintains our planet and illuminates it with beaming balls of gas, these are some of the most interesting phobias that you may not have known existed.

flowersAnthophobia-fear of flowers

If you ever decide to buy a person flowers and you see a reaction that many people may not give off when given flowers, such as fear or anxiety, they may have anthophobia. Those who suffer may realise that flowers pose no threat to them whatsoever, yet they still manage to feel some sort of anxiety when in the presence or thought of one. Anxiety can even be triggered by a small part of a flower, such as a petal or even a stem.


Hemophobia- fear of blood

Have you ever gone to the doctors and have absolutely dreaded the possibility of having your blood drawn, simply because you don’t like the sight of it? This may be a sign of Hemophobia. Those who suffer don’t like the sight of their own blood, other’s blood (including animals), or completely dislike the thought of it. It causes high anxiety which ends up creating a physical reaction. In some suffers, their heart rate and blood pressure increases. In others, their heart rates actually decrease causing paleness and weakness. This may even cause the person to faint.
lotusTrypophobia- fear of holes

Holes. Fear of holes, like any hole in specific? No. Trypophobia is the fear of a cluster of holes/bumps that immediately makes the skin on a sufferer crawl. The phobia isn’t officially recognised by doctors or medics, however it is something that many seem to fear. It may even be something that you have. Seeing a cluster of holes/bumps makes a variety of people get goosebumps, shiver and even make their heart race. This phobia has been widely shared on the Internet, with people responding to pictures such as honeycombs, lotus fruit and so on. It has been especially recognised after people began posting pictures of photoshopped holes onto the human skin, making it all more terrifying.

Water wave

Aquaphobia- fear of water

Images of dying while drowning would be anybody’s fear, however, many fear water to an extent that it becomes a phobia. Sufferers fear large bodies of water, ponds, and even having water dropped on their heads. They understand that the bodies of water and bathtubs pose no threat to them, yet they can’t help but feel an overwhelming feeling of anxiety whenever they are around or even see a picture of water. Often sufferers don’t know how to swim and have had a traumatic experience like being thrown into a swimming pool or a near drowning experience. The question remains, do they still take showers even though they’re afraid of water? They do, just not often which causes phobics to have poor hygiene.
dollsPediophobia- Fear of dolls

Now having this phobia might make you a little uncomfortable when you’re out shopping for clothes having to pass aisles full of mannequins or having to pass by the doll section at your local toy store. Pediophobia. This phobia is commonly associated with childhood traumas caused by dolls which are sometimes seen as voodoo in some cultures.crowded placesAgoraphobia-Fear of open spaces or being in crowded, public places like markets. Fear of leaving a safe place.

Have you ever been out in a mall while it is crowded or out by yourself in an empty park and you felt yourself surrounded by danger and you began to feel a panic attack occurring? this is called Agoraphobia, many people diagnosed with Agoraphobia will often go through many depression states and severe anxiety. Many cut off contact with the outside world completely for fear that their life’s in danger.


Altophobia- Fear of heights

Now this is a phobia that a good percentage of us have. The fear of elevation is a phobia which is commonly triggered when one goes to the top of the building or a peak. Most commonly this phobia triggers anxiety and nausea and can usually be found right away.This phobia prevents people from being able to go on risky activities such as


Astrophobia is the fear of celestial space, this is usually something that is caused by the fear of the unknown of what is out in space. This phobia is also linked with fear of aliens. This phobia could be triggered by a fear of not knowing what’s out in space.









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