Death of a Prince

By Kristina Ching

On Thursday, April 21st, 2016 I came home to hear muffled sounds of music coming from my room, which I live in alone. Confused, I pushed open the door to see my dad sitting on the floor in front of my record player. Prince’s 1999 vinyl spun with the volume turned all the way up, the album cover lying to the side of him, resting on the very top of a stack of more of his albums.


My dad, like many others around the world, is mourning the loss of one of his childhood icons. When I asked if he was okay, he told me about how Prince was his favorite growing up, and in that moment I understood the sadness he must be feeling. We both share an immense love for music, and the memories that we as humans associate with our favorite songs and albums hold special meaning within us for years.


Prince was and still is an icon, spanning not only generations, but genres. He seamlessly blended R&B, funk, pop, rock and roll to create something uniquely his own. Prince defied every social construction, more ethereal than human. His stage presence, bigger than life, his talent, seemingly never-ending. His success influenced and inspired so many, including my dad, and it is certain that the world has gone a little darker.


The loss of such an electrifying performer, a passionate musician, and a cultural icon has left the world in mourning. Rest in power to The Purple One, your mark on the world will not soon be forgotten.

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