Man, It’s Kind of Weird

By Anonymous

Man, it’s kind of weird to think that you have a phobia and hate for me, just because of what I identify myself as.

I am a teenager (obviously.) Unpreventably, some people feel I’m “too young” to know what I want to do with my life.

I am a female. Without question, some people treat me with less respect than males my age, and view me as an object.

I am of mixed-race. Of course, some people value my life as less than others and use slurs that only diminish any hint of respect they may have had for my mixed race.

I am a feminist. Automatically, some people believe that I am a man-hater and think all men should rot because every single male specimen is a rapist, or cheater, or liar.

I am a member of the LGBT+ community. Immediately, some people believe I’m a hippie against “The Lord’s will” and they find me disgusting.

I am an atheist. Undoubtedly, some people think I hate followers of any religion, and that I have no morals or respect for those who choose to follow one.

I am a member of your community, a citizen of this country, a middle-class individual only trying to get by… just like you.

Man, why is my life worth less than yours?

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