Bordertown: America’s Stern Mother as a Cartoon


By: Destiny Gomez

Shock was thrown at the world on January 3rd, when the first and most anticipated episode of “Bordentown” aired on Fox. Bordertown targets the relationship between 2 families, the American Buckwalds and the Mexican Gonzalez family, living in a makeshift city called “Mexifornia.” Amidst all the current controversy happening in politics, I’m glad the U.S can take a break from all of Trump’s atrocious racism and watch Bordertown, but hold on, why is it that even when I try to evade the racism by watching a cartoon, I’m still slapped in the face by hardcore apartheid? The segregation and degradation of both Americans and Mexicans is difficult to digest, but at the same time I’m equally grateful to finally have the truth out there. The silence society has decided to arrest about this ongoing feud between races is disheartening. I applaud “Bordertown” for not being frightened to stand up against becoming another bandwagon show that tiptoes around the naked truth.  


What better way to confront social issues than in a cartoon. “Bordertown” promotes these familiar problems with a satirical twist by synthesizing cruel humor with a witty, easy to follow story line. The episodes focus and prioritize to inform society of the so called “impending doom” Mexican Americans will bring to the U.S. In reality Bordertown dejectedly showcases how numerous immigrant families are treated today with phrases like, “Oh, your father’s just upset because a lot of our immigrant neighbors are doing better than us.”  


Although this a cartoon intended to simply create laughter to provide entertainment, the show acts like a harsh liberal, in the sense that it encourages everyday people to stop and examine the matter of contention at hand. What do parents do when their children are screaming? Some of them actually scream back at them to show the child how they’re acting, the program employs the same tactic, and supremely I might add. They scream back in the faces of racists to demonstrate their behavior in the hopes that they’ll quit. Hopefully with the greater force Bordertown provides people with a change of heart, to create a  brighter future.


Thank you “Bordertown” for acting as America’s stern mother.


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