Found My Smile

by Cristobal Segura

Looks like you found your smile. Not only did you make it out alive, you feel amazing and you’re impressed with yourself. You feel like the weight of the boulder of stress is finally lifted off your back. You no longer feel like a burden to the world. You’re no longer afraid to show your face to the world and say “I made it!” All that’s left is, how do I keep my smile? To begin with happiness, one must realize what makes them happy, and keep up the pursuit of happiness. If eating keeps you happy, do it. If listening to music makes you happy, then keep on listening, buddy. Everyone has something that makes them happy. Mine just happens to be to just stay in bed, play PlayStation 4, and eat pizza. What makes you happy? Is it a walk through the park? Or maybe writing in a secret journal? Anything can make you happy.


Everything that shines ain’t always going to be gold.”

Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi (Kid Cudi) – Pursuit of Happiness


Enjoy what you have. Materials are temporary, but memories are a lifetime. Don’t care about what people say about you, especially in high school. They won’t matter later on in your life. That best friend of yours, tell them you appreciate them. Thank your favorite teacher. Your own beloved mother and father, tell them how much you love and care for ’em. Happiness comes from the enjoyment and pleasure of others, too. You might not know it, but you yourself can be someone else’s sunshine.


Happiness is a term that is differently described by each and every individual person. Here are some of Tustin High’s Tillers giving their meaning of happiness:


“Just having a good time and enjoying myself, not feeling out of my comfort zone.”

– Senior Elizabeth Roque


“Unlimited supply of food.”

– Junior Melissa Apatiga


“Happiness is doing what you enjoy while you’re not hurting other people.”

– Tustin High teacher Keith Martyn


What makes you smile could probably give someone else a frown. Keep in mind that people have feelings, too, you know? It’s not always going to be about you. Give people compliments. Tell ’em you like their shirt or that they have a wonderful smile. A single compliment can instantly change that frown upside down and knowing that you provided them with that smile can give you a smile back. Everyone wants the pursuit of happiness and you can easily spread yours.


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