Author Profile: Dan Wells

by Johnathon Froman

Dan Wells, an experienced writer who’s explored a variety of genres, was born on March 4th of 1977. Growing up in Utah, his parents were avid readers who placed Wells on the fast track to his education. Because of this, Wells spent the majority of his childhood reading and experimenting with writing. As soon as Wells was old enough to go to the local library alone, he visited almost every day, devouring an endless stream of pages and novels. Soon enough, the librarians knew him by name. Eventually Wells had read the every fantasy novel he could find and so he traversed the library to discover new genres including science and historical fiction.

In college, Dan Wells attended Brigham Young University along with fellow friend and writer Brandon Sanderson. It was there when Sanderson suggested to Wells to write a horror novel because the way he saw Wells always ended up a little dark. Despite never having read many horror books in childhood, Wells would eventually become a well-known horror writer and published titles such as I Am Not a Serial Killer in 2009 with publishers Tor and Headline in the US and the UK.

Today, the author lives in North Salt Lake, Utah and co-hosts the podcast Writing Excuses along with his college friend Brandon Sanderson and two other authors Howard Taylor and Mary Robinette Kowal.

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