Charitable Tiller Baking

By: Alexia Mitchell

It was recently brought to our attention that a couple of Tustin High Students are banning together to work with Operation Warm Wishes. OWW is an organization that is set on serving Orange County’s homeless, struggling families, veterans, and senior citizens in need of encouragement and anything to help them secure their feet on the ground. Collecting of food, clothing, toiletries, and about anything that could help those in need is appreciated and are shared to those that need it.

Tyler Bagnol, a Freshman here at Tustin High, has teamed up with OWW by selling homemade cookies to other students and donating. When asked why he decided to do this charitable act he responded with, ”I’ll be honest, I thought my baking was good enough and at first saw it as a bit of ‘Side Hustle’ but then realized how much bigger it could be than I initially imagined. I enjoy giving back to the community, and baking too, so it is a win-win situation to me.” When asked about what he sees himself doing in the future, he responded with, “I expect to continue giving back to the community and helping others out. I can see myself possibly starting a club my Senior year – but I’ll wait to see how this all works out.”


“I definitely see myself doing this in the future, that goes without question for me.”


If you wish to do anything to help OWW, follow the link listed[] <-put that on the OWW part.

To contact, click [] <- list under word, “here”



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