Young Rappers Who Want to Hone Their Skills

By Razmon Urbano and Anastasia Earles

Rap and hip hop peaks in the music and entertainment industry and there are many who desire to become famous rappers. With so much competition, there is no assurance that even those who want to become rappers will reach that pinnacle. However there are ways to improve your rap game and stand out from every other typical rapper.

  1. Expanding your vocabulary helps with creating metaphors and wordplay. Rather than using basic words like me and see which obviously presume to rhyme with each other, you can rhyme words like “unconditionally,” with “proficiently.” Or in word play, “She flowers in the summer sun, son so bright warms her heart with love.”
  2. Studying famous, renowned rappers such Kendrick Lamar or J Cole develops understanding of what it means to be a successful and skillful rapper in the game. Reading verses, studying how each word is used in an intelligent way develops character and performs your raps with pristine meaning.
  3. Creating your own flow and how you want to rap helps develop what you want to write around that persona. Do you prefer fast rapping or slow rapping? What do you want to rap about and be known for?
  4. Practicing freestyling develops your rap skills and forces you to expand your vocabulary and mind to its limits. The more practice, the better you will become.
  5. Express yourself, rapping has no restrictions. Similar to a sword, rapping is an extension of your being. Your words can cut through the air and present how you feel.

Rapping is an art and surrounds who you are as a person. What you want to be known for is a major key when you reach higher levels in the music industry. Continuing to work and persevere is what makes many famous rappers where they are today. The most important key is not giving up and continue to do what you love.

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