An Interesting Week for the Boys’ Lacrosse Team

By Nayeli Medina

This season for the Tustin Boys’ Lacrosse team commenced with a successful win in their first scrimmage against University High School. Unfortunately, their first home game was a tragic 17-0 loss against Yorba Linda. However, they powered through to the best of their abilities against a school that is in one of the best divisions. The Tillers pushed hard, but were unable to disrupt the opposing team’s unique strategies by the 4th quarter. This made persevering especially difficult, since they continued losing at such a large scale. Although the Tillers were disappointed by the outcome, they were proud of their ability to stay strong and determined throughout the game.

On Thursday, the boys played away against Sage Hills, crushing their opponents with a staggering 13-7 win. Ending the first quarter with a 12 to 2 score, Coach Johnson was generous enough to put in his JV team, allowing the other team to score five more points. Coach Johnson allowed his JV team to play giving them a good opportunity to learn and understand more about the game and the competitiveness of a varsity team. All of the team members and coaches were incredibly satisfied with their win.

Regardless of their successful win the day before, they took a major blow on Friday against Marina, losing 15-2. This incredible win for Marina took Tustin by surprise, since they had beaten them twice in their winter league. Although they beat them in winter league, the games were fairly close, with the Tillers usually winning by a point or so. However, over the past couple of months, Marina’s new coaching staff allowed them to become more disciplined and convert into a more fundamentally sound team.

The Tustin Boys’ Lacrosse team battled relentlessly to become the impressionable group they are. This is due to the coaches’ hard work and dedication to the boys and the sport itself. Whether they win or lose, they will always look out for each other and keep moving forward in order to become a better team as the season continues.

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