The Division

by Cyndal Juarez

A new video game has been brought to the attention of many gamers out there. On March 8th, Tom Clancy’s The Division was released to the public. For those who don’t know, the game is a new open world, third-person shooter game that is based in a multiplayer environment that the players can explore. The main mission is to restore order in the city, and to do so, they must investigate the source of a virus that is affecting everyone. Like most third-person shooter games, there is a wide variety of weapons and bombs to choose from, but the player can only hold three weapons and explosives.


However, players do not have to just play the main mission with the player fighting against NPC enemies. For example, one of the many game modes, called The Dark Zone, contains a player-versus-player arena that is separate from the main story line. Special items are scattered around the entire arena, but these items can be taken by other players unless a helicopter takes the items, making them private. There is a twist to the game mode called “rouge.” Players who attack their teammates will turn “rouge”, making them a loner, but also putting a target on top of their heads that enemies may want to claim.


Throughout the game, players collect experience points and currency to upgrade weapons and gear, and to learn more talents and skills. There is also a feature that allows the player to customize their character to their liking by using currency. Nevertheless, not all skills can be obtained this way. Sometimes players must complete missions to learn active skills that cannot be bought with experience points or currency. To add more suspense to the game, the creators have incorporated a time-based weather system that causes disadvantages to players, such as storms that affect the player’s visibility, causing aiming to become harder. But that isn’t the only thing they have added; a day-night cycle has been added which causes the behavior of enemies to switch depending on the time of day.


The game was released in the United States and many other countries. It can be purchased online or in stores but prices may vary. For those concerned about which console the game can played on, the main three are the PS4, Xbox ONE, and PC, but there might be new versions coming out.


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