Keeping In Style This Spring

By Cyndal Juarez & Julia Klotz

As the months change from winter to spring, new fashion styles emerge from heavy coats to lighter layers. In California, the weather never varies too far from 75 degrees, but within our communities we can see everyone’s style conforming to the seasons. At Tustin High, students have gone from wearing scarves and raincoats, to wearing tank tops and shorts. New colors have entered along with new styles such as transitioning from wearing dark colors for winter to bright colors for spring.

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 11.35.47 AMNew trends to find this spring amongst the runway and at Tustin High vary from floral prints to traditional pastel solids. Girls are predicted to wear more florals, stripes, and loose fitting shirts to accommodate the warm weather. Guys are to venture out of their comfort zone and try new colors, prints, and styles. This year on the runway, emerald green was the focused color. Statement pieces like bold patches on jackets is another major key this spring. Keeping along with the “thrift-shop” theme this spring, you can find Tustin high students wearing novelty sweaters with non-traditional prints fitting perfectly into the weather this spring.

Ripped jeans prove a necessity this spring that would pair perfectly with your statement jacket or novelty sweater. Styling the look, of course, is up to the individual so style as you may. These fashion recommendations do not limit your possibilities this spring. the possibilities, as the saying goes, are endless.

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