Rough Start to Girls’ Lacrosse Season

By Clea Thomas

Tustin High School’s very own Lady Tillers Lacrosse team put up a hard fight in both games last week. The Lady Tillers competed against vicious Yorba Linda last Wednesday. Unfortunately, they lost 3-12, but our Tillers played strong. Tustin scored the first goal of the game within the first three minutes. Shortly after, freshman Jocelyn Sirjan #9 scored on herself in a phase of confusion, tying up the game.  One of the players admitted, “We were all nervous because we’ve never played Yorba Linda before.”

Tustin’s other opponent Valencia was also tough, aggressive, and played dirty. The girls’ lacrosse team lost 3-13. One of the team members, Jasmine Candias, got injured in the first 25 minutes of the game.

This years’ team is an entirely new team with all freshmen and sophomores with little to no experience, along with one junior and three seniors. It is only the team’s second year with Coach Pinney and return of former Coach Rey, after leaving in 2014 and returning for this year’s team, helping mostly with the new girls to develop their abilities and skills. These losses are a bit of a disappointment, but a great start for such a new team.

Although the Tillers didn’t win on the field, they had a personal victory. In that sense, a team cannot and will not ever lose. Despite the odds, they refuse to lose their high hopes for a great season.

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