4 Truly Beautiful Abandoned Places

by Jennifer Mendoza

Craco, Italy


25 miles inland from the Gulf of Taranto, we have the beautiful Craco, Italy. Craco is a commune and medieval village in the Region of Basilicata and the province of Matera, in Italy. The historical town was abandoned because of the recurring landslides over the years. Because of its unique and mysterious appearance, it’s become a major tourist attraction.


Crystal Mill, Colorado


The Crystal Mill, located on an outcrop above the Crystal River in Crystal, Colorado. Only accessible by 4×4, it has stood in this spot for centuries. Even though it looks like and is called a mill, it really isn’t a mill. It was denoted as a compressor station, and the compressed air was used to fuel machinery and other tools.


Bulgarian Communist Party House


A monument to a troubled past, Bulgaria doesn’t have the money to either maintain or demolish this beauty. Though this concrete saucer is quite bizarre, there are many beautiful forgotten monuments just like this scattered across Bulgaria. It was here, The Bulgarian Communist Party House, that foreign dignitaries would meet with local communist leaders.

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Angkor Wat is a temple complex in Cambodia, and is also the largest religious monument in the entire world. The Angkor Wat Temple was originally a Hindu temple, built for the Khmer Empire, and it gradually transformed into a Buddhist temple. It’s become a symbol of Cambodia.  

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