Tustin High’s Newest Addition

By: Edith Finck and Julia Klotz

Everyone gathered last week on Friday, February 19th to witness the announcement of Tustin High’s most recent addition to the campus, the new Humanities Building. At this Groundbreaking Ceremony for the new facility, Principal Christine Matos, along with the rest of Tustin’s Office staff, presented the news to their audience of superintendents and school board members.

The brand new two story building will hold 12 classrooms for history, social sciences, and Tustin High’s very own Model United Nations (MUN) program. Costing approximately 6 million dollars, measuring roughly 14,000 square feet and featuring a conference room, restrooms and an elevator, this new building is predicted to work wonders for Tustin in the up and coming years.

Along with the building comes many other upgrades for Tustin High. Predicted to be complete by the start of the next school year, Tustin High will feature a brand new front lot complete with seating areas for students and a more direct method of drop off for parent’s convenience. A new and well-deserved field will be given to lacrosse and softball players as well as a custodial upgrade.

Exciting new additions are coming to Tustin, and coming fast. As our campus continues to grow, so does our Tiller pride.

The best is yet to come.

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