Ready, Set, Strut

By: Jocelyn You and James Cruz

Fashion Club leader, Eliza Bubienko, gets ready to organize one of Tustin High’s most notable events: The Fashion Show.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

A Tustin High senior, Eliza’s goal for her last year of high school is to go out with a bang, and the fashion show is one of her outlets to say goodbye. Working with the Fashion Club, Eliza is working towards a “Greek mythology-themed” show, opening up with angelic outfits and closing with the darker gods.

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To fund the show, the Fashion Club set up fundraisers like a dinner at Ruby’s where the club would receive 25% of the profit. Additionally, the club is in close contact with Cheryll, the main lady behind the Tustin District Fashion Show at the Wilcox Manor. With her help, the Fashion Club is setting up a garage sale in March for extra cash for the show.

With every major event, there is obviously some disconnect between team members and confusion with the plans. The fashion show is, again, one of Tustin’s major events, and planning for it is just as stressful as expected. Eliza mentioned that “out of the thirty-or-so members in the club, a majority of them want to model and choreograph rather than execute the show’s plans.” Working out the kinks is slowly but surely coming along, and Eliza hopes for the best for the show.

And her hopes might just come true. Special guests like Tustin High Fashion Club Alumni Leaders, Angelo and Priscilla Reyes, are planning on being on the guest list along with the administration. With people who invest a lot of time in Tustin High present and their eyes glued on the runway, there is a lot to look forward to in the show.

Expect the fashion show to be finalized soon and the official date to be released.

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