What’s a Lazer Team?

By: Kayla Brunner

For fans of sci-fi, Rooster Teeth, and cheesy humor, Lazer Team is a must see. In 1977, we received a transmission from an unknown source most commonly known as the “Wow” signal. We were told that it was nothing, but we discover that in all actuality, the government had been secretly decoding this message. They found out that this “Wow” signal was actually a warning for Earth – that an evil alien force would come and destroy everything we know and love. Knowing this government agents raised and trained a superhuman named Adam or more commonly referred to as the ‘Champion of Earth’, whose sole purpose was to battle the Alien race that threatened to destroy all of mankind. However, 38 years later, when a delivery of armor meant for the champion gets shot down by our four ‘heroes, chaos ensues.

This movie is filled with raunchy jokes, fantastic special effects and great cameos that fans of Rooster Teeth will love. You’ve got to take this movie for what it is – an indie film, and knowing this, it holds itself up well.

However the setbacks of this movie are kind of hard to miss. The acting from most of the cast felt stale, and I feel like this is what caused the humor to be lackluster. Sure, it was an enjoyable movie and I laughed a few times, but it wasn’t what I would expect out of a Rooster Teeth production. Keep in mind, these are the same people that brought you Red vs. Blue and A Million Dollars But.. some of my personal favorite shows from this company. Of course, if you’re a fan of Rooster Teeth you’ll love this movie – I spent a good part of it looking for cameos from the employees and getting excited when I saw people like Barbara and Blaine.

However, what I felt held up this movie was its special effects and story. Even though the story line felt stale, I never found myself guessing what would happen next. Rooster Teeth has a wonderful ability to create surprises throughout their script and I was legitimately caught off guard at some of the goofier moments.

All in all, Lazer Team is a good indie movie. Of course, it won’t live up to some of the great Hollywood movies we all know and love, but the story felt more genuine then most. The actors, while not always delivering their lines to their full potential, clearly had lots of fun. But I can say, if you’re a Rooster Teeth fan, you have to see this movie.

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