A Different Kind of Love

By Galilea Oregon


Love. An intense feeling of deep affection. It’s the butterflies fluttering at the pit of your belly when you see them, The One. But those feelings aren’t everything. Romantic love isn’t everything.  Today’s youth over-romanticizes romantic love with the typical #RelationshipGoals tags on social media. However, what we seem to forget, especially around this time of year, is that love is everywhere around us.


Love is your best friend hugging you goodbye and telling you to text them as soon as you get home.

Love is the stubbly goodnight kisses your dad used to give you before tucking you into bed.

Love is sloppy puppy kisses and echoing laughter.

Love is neatly folded in “Thank you” and “Take care.”

Love doesn’t have to be heart shaped notes slipped into your locker.

It doesn’t have to be a dozen roses.

It doesn’t have to be between a boy and a girl.


So if you happen to be lonely this Valentine’s Day, remember. Love is everywhere. Love is in you. Sometimes it’s not about someone else loving you romantically. Sometimes it’s just about all the love that you spread around. You give love, you get love in return, whether it be from your mother, your father, or your best friend, not necessarily your boyfriend or girlfriend. Love is a cycle. Your turn is coming soon.

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