A New Generation of Jedi

By: Joshua Muller

        Star Wars Episode VII has quickly become one the highest grossing movie in history. Upon its release fans were discouraged due to the bad feedback episodes one through three got. The movie release on December 18th broke multiple records at the Box office and gave fans a new hope on the continuing of the legendary series.

        A continuation of the film brings a new cast that will become the new heroes of the galaxy. Star Wars is no stranger to giving important roles to female characters but in episode VII it makes new female character “Rey” the leading protagonist. The film also brought back notable characters from previous episodes such as Luke and Leia however, fans were most excited to see dynamic duo Han and Chewy. The galactic outlaws relive their old adventures from past films fighting against the First Order and helping in any way they can. Just like the good old days.

The film’s plot mainly focuses on a new droid “BB-8” who, audiences find much cuter than R2-D2, carrying important information showing the whereabouts of Luke Skywalker. BB-8 comes across Rey who helps it find its way back to Resistance hands. The plot also focuses on a new weapon that the First Order has constructed that can destroy planets just like the Death Star. The only difference is that it’s bigger and destroys multiple planets. Does this sound familiar? It should because it’s a similar plot to Episode IV.  

It seems like the Sith never learned from their mistakes. Both episode’s antagonist make the importance of the droid clear and somehow they can never retrieve it. With the droid back in Rebel/Resistance hands they launch an attack on a planet sized weapon that destroys other planets. The mission succeeds with the weapon being destroyed and the antagonist fleeing setting up the next episode.

        Although the similarities of seventh episode are very abundant, fans still do not know what to expect for the upcoming films. There are still many unanswered questions that can lead to amazing answers. The plot easily sets fans up with another episode but will it be another repeat for Episode V? Hopefully JJ Abrams throws audiences with a curve ball and gives audiences the shocking “Luke, I am your father” reaction.


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