The Myth, the Man, the Wrestler: Andrew Longmore

By: Cris Segura

Tustin High varsity wrestler Andrew Longmore obtained first place on January 9, in the 2016 Asics SoCal Challenge. Tustin’s former varsity wrestler Guillermo Avila went undefeated in the 2014 tournament, which encouraged Longmore to work hard for his new goal: to win the Asics. His journey to the belt wasn’t easy, but was totally worth it when he stepped up to the highest podium to show it off. During his training for the event, Longmore committed himself to one thing, which was pinning each opponent one match at a time, no matter the size or strength of his competitor.

“I’m pretty happy,” stated the humble wrestler. Longmore continued to share, “This is the first tournament that I have won.”

50 schools attended this year’s Asics Event and Longmore achieved an accomplishment many high school wrestlers never will. “I have been watching this tournament since my freshman year and ever since then I’ve been wanting to win it.” Andrew achieved his dream and successfully made a name for Tustin High wrestling, as well as himself.


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