QuizUp Review

By: Frank Remele

Claiming to be the fastest growing iPhone/Android game in history, it wouldn’t be too surprising if you have already played this game, or at the very least, have been made aware of its existence. I was first introduced to this fast-paced game by my friend Adam Duarte, who set me on this addiction that I now have. This is not necessarily a negative thing, as many of the topics on QuizUp can be viewed as educational. Currently, the majority of my closest friends have downloaded this app and play it regularly, as a testament to how fun this game can truly be.

The app features a search bar, where you can search for players to follow, message, and play. Topics always have seven questions to answer correctly, and the max amount of points a player can get is 160. 20 points are potentially awarded to a player if they get a question right, or 40 if they get the seventh one correct.

Some features of QuizUp, like being free and having several topics to choose from, leads to it being a large success. This success is reflected across all age levels. The developers of QuizUp seem to recognize this and has made the game into both a trivia and a social network. Although not a complete replacement for your Instagram and Twitter accounts, it is a neat feature that allows for more interaction between players than just competing. Another feature that contributes to the app’s success is the location feature. If one enters the top 10 ranking in their respective location, they receive a blue banner within their description titled “Top 10 in (insert topic here)”. If one becomes the number one player in their location, the banner becomes gold. In some locations, there are topics that even haven’t been played, so if you were to play it once and lose, you’d still get the title of being the best!

Overall, this app definitely deserves an installation on your mobile device. Have fun, and don’t cheat!

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  1. Kevin says:

    Great first article!

  2. Adam says:

    I agree with Kevin.

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