Sneakin’ back into Style

By: Gigi Hume

Like other trends from the 90’s including mom jeans and choker necklaces, sneakers have recently been given new light. Brands like Adidas, New Balance, and Nike have been flying off the shelves worldwide to fulfill this ever-growing need of nostalgia for the decade “raised on Biggie and Nirvana”. Each type of sneaker encapsulates a different “vibe” which when coordinated with an outfit, can really change the entire look for the better. Now, this can be seen more than ever as someone nearly everywhere, including here at Tustin High, has begun using their sneakers to express their style in a reminiscent way.

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Nike Air Force 1’s

Freshman Galilea Oregon wears her Nike Air Force 1’s nearly everyday to add to her outfit. Initially, Nike Air Force 1’s were created as a basketball shoe has since evolved into symbol of sleekness. The minimalistic nature of the monotone white of the shoe in itself adds an element of simplicity to an outfit. Simultaneously, they remain attention-grabbing from the sheer brightness of the color while protruding a futuristic vibe with their clean-cut shape, yet still keeping with the theme of timelessness. All of these aspects of the sneakers combined with virtually any outfit can either be dressed up or down for whichever desired “vibe” one may want to create.


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Adidas Superstars

Like the Air Force 1’s, the Adidas Superstars were initially created specifically for basketball players but have evolved over time to become the trademark of trendsetters. It’s also because of the shoe’s initial purpose, they offer a sporty edge to any look. The plain white shoe combined, classically paired with white or black stripes, now have the ability to be customized to suit the style of the consumer. Combos like red on white, mustard yellow on mustard yellow, and even velvet are just a few of the hundreds of different pairs the Superstars offer, making them all the more unique. Still, aspects like boxy-shape and thick soles have withstood the test of time, contributing greatly to why their popularity is at its peak today.


These shoes among the many others inspired by the 90’s are a small reminder of the past, while still incorporating aspects of modern fashion. With each of their individual characteristics, it’s no wonder they are making a well-deserved comeback.

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